Big Jackson Church Of God, Paris MI

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Welcome To Big Jackson Church of God!

Here at Big Jackson we are striving to live as Jesus teaches, genuinely caring for you and your needs. We invite you to worship freely with us as we hear the Word of God. Furthermore, it is our desire at Big Jackson to visit with you, influencing your walk with Christ to greater heights.

Our Purpose

We desire to prepare and disciple people in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, resulting in committed leaders, spreading the Love of God.

Our Mission

Living the Word by Discipleship
Influencing People through Evangelism
Freely Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth
Encouraging Fellowship with Service

Pastor Ryan L Shrable has these thoughts about our Church:

Church is a great place to connect with God, other Believers, and people in our Community in the name of Jesus Christ.

By meeting weekly in church services, we strengthen our faith through corporate worship. And as we meet regularly with each other through life, we build bonds that help us stand strong throughout our years.

By living open lives, our community sees the light of Jesus Christ lived out in a practical communal way. Are we perfect? I don't know of any family that is; but we do love each other, and that speaks for itself.

So, join with us in our weekly worship, in our homes, and abroad; remembering, that as we are involved in our fellowship of faith, we find purpose and direction.

Come, be a part of our family as we point people to Jesus and His kingdom.

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****Weather Warnings****

If Newaygo County is under a weather warning our services will be cancelled. If Big Jackson Public School has a snow day on a Wednesday, there will be no church services that evening.

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